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How to Become the Strongest Version of You

Over 50! How Brian Lost 30lbs

During the first few months of working together, this handsome gent told me that 55 – his age at the time – was the best year he’d ever lived. He also said, “I grew up thinking I was weak and fundamentally flawed.Luckily my aspirations are bigger than the myths.”

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Revitalize your body and reveal the most vibrant, energetic, and attractive version of yourself by learning and applying the DeaconFoundations principles of nutrition to nourish your body without slowing it down.


Forge the strongest, healthiest, and most resilient body you've ever imagined with the DeaconStrong training principles used to help clients transform in 90 days or less.


Beyond the training & nutrition, I help you discover and develop your true self so that you can finally become the happiest and most successful person you know, inside and outside the gym.

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