About Me.

Hey, I’m Nick. I like music and muscles, science and skateboards, tea and T-bone steaks. I like learning and teaching. I coach people to discover their authentic selves. Together, we build better bodies, get healthier than ever, summon the confidence to do things we’ve never done before, and become the people we always wanted to be.

My Mission.

I want to inspire you to take yourself seriously, to finally give yourself the attention you deserve. I aim to present you with the education you need to understand your body, to coach you through your personal roadblocks, and to help you implement the key actions necessary for your success.

This isn’t another trend to “try out,” it’s a promise to yourself to develop lasting growth in your thoughts and feelings towards your body, yourself, and the world. With this foundation, we will develop your body in ways you never could have imagined.

We might also lift some weights and get sweaty along the way.

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Hear Me Out,This Is My Story.

The Story

Who I Am

I didn’t always help people do all this stuff – I couldn’t. I had to help myself first. You see, I was shy and geeky; a skinny, non-athletic kid. I liked skateboarding and video games, two very independent activities. One day I realized I loved muscles, I could change

and that being strong and jacked was literally the coolest thing I could imagine. I read every word about the training and nourishing the body I could find. I trained for years. I competed as a bodybuilder. I chased people with PhDs for answers. I listened, I learned, I applied. As I continue my own journey, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and coaching others along their own journeys.

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