Changing Habits

You ever wake up after a full night’s rest, and you’re still tired?

Waking up tired kinda sucks, doesn’t it? It’s that feeling of not getting enough, going into the day under-prepared.

Lately, I’ve been practicing more regularity in my sleep schedule to deal with this. That means I’ve been trying to sleep at the same time every night and get up at the same time, even on the weekends. But let’s come back to that.

Sunday: Kind of A Big Deal

Here’s something weird – I like to go grocery shopping at 10pm on a Saturday night. You know, right before I go to bed. It’s a habit I got into to save time.

Door to door, I can be in and out in about 20-25minutes. It helps that I live nearby, but what I really like is the ease of navigating the store when there isn’t a maze of shopping carts and lookie-loo’s squeezing every tomato.

Okay fine, I squeeze the tomatoes too. I just want be alone with them. To do it in peace, you know?

Even with only two or three checkout lines open late at night, they’re usually empty. And if not, they’re moving quickly because unshaven Carl wants to get home with his microwaveable dinner and catfood for the week.

A few weeks ago I couldn’t make it to the grocery store Saturday night and decided to do it early the next day before breakfast.

Now if you didn’t know, Sunday is a big deal for supermarkets.

It’s a quiet day for most people. They enjoyed their Friday nights and Saturday shenanigans, and now they’re recovering and preparing for the week ahead. It’s the perfect day to go grocery shopping. So the stores introduce their new products and sales for the week on Sunday.

Remember how I said I’ve been working on my sleep?

Well this new thing has been happening where my body just springs awake a few hours early. So one Sunday a few weeks ago, I hopped out of bed, excited to see the time was only 7:30. I got dressed and headed to the store on that cool and quiet morning, curious to see what the new week of sales brings.

First choice picks of mushrooms, cabbage. and broccoli? Aw yissss.

Although the store was busier than I preferred, I fondled my tomatoes before heading toward the meats. I spotted an unfamiliar steak amongst the beef selections. It was deep and richly colored. Checking the low price, I noticed it was actually beef heart, something I’d never found at this store before. I figured they must have been rare because there were only a few packages in the whole section.

Moving through the checkout line, I asked the cashier if they were new. She explained to me that they’re likely only there on Sunday mornings because people buy all of them and they don’t last long. That day, she was unknowingly talking about me, I thought to myself smugly.

Gold, Jerry. GOLD.

If you’ve never had beef hearts, they may seem really weird.

You likely think of organ meats and terrible memories of being fed liver at your aunt’s house flood your mind.

Think of heart more like a steak.

While the heart is an organ, unlike liver it’s really just a big muscle. Its fibers are finer than most cuts of beef, which make them less tough and grainy while being a little chewier.

A good pat of salt and pepper with or without a little marinade and cooked to medium rare will make an excellent consistency.

Needless to say, I absolutely love beef hearts now.

But this isn’t really about beef hearts, so let’s get back to the point.

Hidden Treasure

When starting a new habit, the rewards we’re after can seem to come slowly. Whether we’re hoping to lose weight by going to the gym every day or getting more energy by drinking more water, it might be a while before those things actually happen.

It can feel pretty discouraging.

But just by making the change, you could find yourself in a new world. There you may notice something you like, something you wouldn’t have found in the world you left.

For me, I just wanted to normalize my sleep and start my Sundays early. In the process, I found that waking up earlier meant I found a hidden treasure. That is, I got to eat something special I really enjoyed!

While my sleep has definitely been better lately, you know what?

Even if it hadn’t, I would have at least found something new because I tried something new. And that makes life exciting. (Except I do sleep better and I get my hearts too. #winning)

So try something new. Step forward into the unknown.

What would happen if you let go of having to know everything ahead of time?

What hidden treasures might you find?