I’m super stressed and life has been absolutely crazy the last few weeks. I’ve lost all my workout momentum!

Q: How have you worked through your slumps and plateaus?

A: There inevitably comes the time when I hate training, am dealing with every other priority in my life, am super stressed, and hey, let’s throw in injured for good measure (which limits the activities I actually want to do).
This is when I go to the gym and play.
I go back to high school me, who knew NOTHING about eating, training, or living a healthy lifestyle. Back then, I went to the gym for fun. I did whatever I felt like, whenever I felt like it. No pressure, just exploring and playing.
Then, when that starts to get old and isn’t providing enough challenge or direction, I know I’ve recharged a little bit. I’ll then start challenging myself more within the context of the same things I’d been enjoying in the gym at that time.
Eventually I come out of my slump reinvigorated from the recharge of low-expectation play, excited about some new challenge that has caught my attention.
One key point that underlies all of this is that I will ALWAYS “exercise” and practice movement in some fashion – it is a VALUE of mine. And values must be practiced regularly.