What is it?

Training in groups is ideal for some people, but if you’ve looking to break through to the next level and get a shortcut on your fitness journey this training is for you.


  • Individualized Fitness Assessment
  • In-The-Gym Training
  • Access to Inner Circle Facebook Community
  • Access to my Referral Network

With our help you’ll learn to:

  • Exercise the right way to avoid silly injuries and mistake.
  • Learn how to use machines, including the most important one of all, your own body.
  • Speed up the fitness process with exercises tailored to your needs.

The results:

  • Shed pounds. Drop doubt. Lose fear.
  • Transform your body, and your attitude toward it.
  • Understand form, and gain fitness education that will last a lifetime.





I’ve seen the trainers who treat their clients like guinea pigs for the most savage workouts they can throw at them. I do things a little differently here.

I work with you at whatever level you’re currently at, which is why we perform an initial fitness evaluation.

Additionally, I’ve become known for “fat loss coaching for newbies,” and I stand by that.

So instead of letting another excuse stand in your way, get started now – and we can do it the right way together.

12th Street Gym, 204 S 12th Street in Philadelphia, PA

If you live in South Jersey or in a suburb of Philly, the PATCO Train takes you right to the doorstep of 12th Street Gym! If you live way beyond Philly, you might consider a distance coaching option found here.

Not a problem at all. If you can make it to 12th Street Gym, we can train. I’m happy to write your program for whatever gym you choose.

Nope, I have guest passes with your name on them.

Your success is my mission, and nutrition is no exception. You will be given everything you need to succeed. See above for details on how my Nutrition Coaching Program works.

The Foundations Nutrition Course is a 16-week coaching course that has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of your nutrition while putting strategically chosen steps into practice, based on your personal nutrition level and your goals.

Learn the habits and skills needed to develop and maintain the healthy body you’ve always wanted.

  • What foods should I eat?
  • How much food should I eat?
  • What foods should I avoid?
  • What foods cause inflammation?
  • What foods reduce inflammation?
  • How many meals per day should I be eating?
  • How do I maintain my nutrition when traveling, on vacation, while eating at restaurants, or during the holidays?
  • And most importantly, what do I need to do right now to move closer to my goals?

If your body and health are already perfect, that’s great! Sounds like you just need to keep on rockin’!

But if you’re like most people who come to me, you’d like some help in changing your body. While you might “already eat healthy,” my goal is to help you change your body, and that involves addressing your nutrition. And if you’re totally new to this, don’t worry – I can help with that too.