No-Stir No-Mess Natural Peanut Butter Trick 

 February 9, 2017

By  nick

Do you hate stirring natural peanut butter as much as I did?

Either the jar and counter get messy or you’ve got extra dishes (or a whole blender!) to clean. It consumes time and attention and generally sucks.

But what if the peanut butter could be perfect before you even open the jar (and stay that way until the last scoop)?

Well, let me solve all your problems.

You’ll need:

  • natural peanut butter (I recommend WholeFoods 365 or Smuckers)
  • a fridge
  • a freezer
  • about a week of passive non-attention-consuming time

Let’s get to it.

Step 1: Once you get home from the grocery store, store your peanut butter upside-down until the oil has collected to the bottom of the jar (now the top). This might take a few days and up to a week depending on how warm it is where you live.

Want to save time?
TIP: Microwave the jar briefly (make sure the seal isn’t metallic!)
You could remove the seal, but I like to keep the lid clean

TIP: Buy a few jars at once so you can do this en masse

Step 2: Once the oil has risen the top, transfer the inverted peanut butter to the freezer. Wait 2-3 days for it to freeze completely.

Step 3: Once frozen, transfer it to the fridge. Wait about half a day for it to thaw.

Can I skip the freezer?
You want the oils to chill and solidify first to make the peanut butter firm and not runny. Thaw UP to the desired temperature rather than chill DOWN to the desired temperature.

Step 4: Finally flip it right-side up, remove the seal, and exuberantly scoop into it like a pint of ice cream you sick fuck.


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