Nick Deacon Fitness | Don’t Lose It.
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Don’t Lose It.

Finding the motivation to continue through the hard times doesn’t always come easy.
(I mean…Does it EVER?)
The path may be unclear, the motivation uncertain. You can’t even justify your “why” anymore.
But if you can pause for just a moment, think back to the beginning…
What was it that made you begin this whole thing?
What was that one thing…
That you saw?
That you felt?
That you heard?
That you BELIEVED…?
What was it…?
Go read the book…the poem…
Call the person…
Watch the movie…
Replay the words that person said to you…
Visit the place…
The one that INSPIRED a world of possibility in your mind.
The one where something about that DREAM seemed it could actually become a REALITY, one that was better than your present?
Don’t lose sight of the passion and belief that brought you here in the first place.
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