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Step 1

Read this before the call

The Purpose of This Call

I'm glad you decided to book your call to take your body to the next level.

On this call, we will review what you’ve been doing to reach your goals and uncover the root problems that are currently holding you back. 

Then I can offer advice on how I can help you get unstuck and reach your goals even faster.

What You’ll Get

Once we identify the root problems, rather than just the symptoms you're experiencing, we can determine which programs would be the best fit for your unique situation. 

This is crucial because when you want to build sustainable habits that create lasting results, it’s easy to make the same mistake everyone else makes: jumping from program to program in search of the magic bullet that promises to solve all your problems.

Wanna know the real secret? 

Effort over time. 

It’s focusing on the right things consistently with support and accountability to make it through the rough spots and prevent you from backsliding into old habits. 

So whether you’re just getting started building your healthy lifestyle, or you’re trying to develop your health and performance into the stratosphere, this process will help you uncover your next best step.

This is crucial because when you’ve tried everything, you need a tailored approach to the issues you’re facing.

When someone wants to build sustainable habits that create lasting results, the biggest and most common mistake I see is jumping from program to program, looking for the magic bullet that promises to solve all your problems.

So if you want a proven process that will enable you to...

  • Take back your health
  • Supercharge your energy
  • Never fall back into old habits an uncomplicated way that is unbelievably simple to follow, you're in the right place!

What Will Change

If you truly want to move beyond the lifestyle that leaves you feeling tired, unhappy, and drained of confidence, you've gotta take this seriously.

If you're serious, I can show you how to remove the bottlenecks that are keeping you stuck. But I can only do that if you show up on this call ready to take your body and health seriously.

Listen, I've helped hundreds of people build lifestyles that help them lose fat, get healthy, and build slabs of muscle. 

But it’s not just about that. More importantly, they don't just transform their bodies and habits. These changes restore the energy and confidence that completely transform their lives.

The people I've worked with have:

  • Lost weight
  • Lowered cholesterol and blood sugar markers
  • Reversed chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure

But they don't just transform their bodies and habits.

These changes restore their energy and confidence, and that’s what completely transforms their lives.

Working together, my clients do some INCREDIBLE things, like:

  • Return to dating after a painful divorce
  • Compete in races and bodybuilding competitions
  • Undo the ravages of work-related stress
  • Get fitter and more energetic than ever after challenging pregnancies
  • Leave their jobs for better ones
  • Move across the country
  • Pursue dreams they had all but given up on

Even though every one of them started at a different point along the journey, they each recognized the importance of asking for help and not trying to do it all on their own.

This is what allowed them to turbo charge their results, transform their lives, and make changes that finally stuck.

So enjoy your solutions call where you’ll discover the bottlenecks you might need to address to crack your own health code once and for all.

Then, I’ll be able to walk you through the programs that will provide you with the tools and support you’ve been missing to build the body, the energy, the confidence, and the freedom you've always wanted.

Nick Deacon Arms Folded

See you on the call!

Coach Nick

Step 2

Watch These Short Videos


Brian dreamed of being muscular his entire life. At 55, he worked out regularly but his body wasn’t changing.

Having experienced incredible trauma as a child, Brian’s trauma had manifested as a serious food aversion. He was ashamed to see himself in photos or even his own mirror.

Working together, Brian completely transformed his self-image

Brian Client Transformation

He transformed his relationship with food, his body, and himself into one of love and growth. Not only did Brian release 30lbs of pure fat, he built a muscular physique in its place, all after his 55th birthday.

With unprecedented confidence and self love, now Brian competes in bodybuilding, inspires countless men in trauma recovery, and lives a life he never thought he could.


Before working together, Jess found herself trapped in a cycle of perpetual exhaustion at the height of the pandemic.

She couldn’t stand missing opportunities to spend quality time with her 3 year old daughter just because she was tired.

Jess Transformation

Jess had gained weight from her pregnancy as well as year’s worth of stress eating from a job she hated. With a loving nudge from her husband, she reached out for help.

Within 12 weeks, Jess had fully regained her energy, erased years of stress eating, lost over 10lbs of fat, and left with the tools and confidence to keep it off for life.


Caroline was an avid runner until she needed eye surgery.

Completely sidelined, she was unable to work out or even perform regular activities until her doctors approved her recovery. During that time Caroline gained weight and felt increasingly uncomfortable in her body.

Within 12 weeks of working together, Caroline had successfully lost the weight, even without any structured exercise. 

At 58, she learned a proven framework and the skills to manage her weight from nutrition alone, for the rest of her life, without starving herself.


Before working together, Elad had just moved across the country for a new job.

It was the start of the COVID pandemic. Isolated without friends, he suffered through depression, eating like garbage, and generally feeling terrible about himself. 

Within 24 weeks, he transformed his mindset away from self-sabotage. 

Now he had no problem handling work stress without quitting on himself like he would in the past (even when understaffed and doing the job of THREE people.) He lost over 28lbs, and decreased his glucose markers and diabetes medication. 

With more energy and a renewed outlook on life, Elad was even able to enjoy traveling and laying by the pool, proudly without his shirt.

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