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Wait, Philly? You’re in Philadelphia? Why didn’t you say so!
Get The Help You Need with Personal Training

Transform your body and transform your life.

Yes, that could mean losing weight and seeing your abs for the first time.

Yes, that could mean getting strong enough to do your first chin-up.

Yes, that could mean building lean muscle and loving the reflection you see in the mirror each morning.

Heck, that could simply mean getting healthier so you’re off blood pressure meds, and have the energy to run up the stairs without having to catch your breath.

It’s all about becoming the best version of yourself.

I’m Nick Deacon and I’ll Help Get You There Because I’m A Lot Like You

I’ve been where you are myself. And I want you to know something…

If I Can Do It, So Can You.

You see this whole “fitness thing” wasn’t always so cut and dry for me. As a kid, I was skinny and weak. I had the athletic ability of a potato. Even the girls threw better than me! So it’s no surprise I was usually picked last in gym class.

This was me. I don’t exactly look like I’m ready to conquer the world.

I ate terribly. An average day would consist of a family size bag of chips, Hershey’s chocolate nuggets (I liked the cookies and cream), 4-8 cans of Mountain Dew, and a Big Mac for dinner. The only reason I stayed skinny was that I ate like a bird. But I still felt the effects of the terrible food through painful migraines and horrible energy.

Eventually I had enough and began a journey of change. I started lifting weights in my living room and taking control of my nutrition. Before I knew it, I was going to a gym regularly, cooking all my own food, reading all the books I could, and even began competing in bodybuilding competitions. My migraines were gone, my energy was incredible, and I even ended up looking like this, quite a difference from the scrawny kid above.

Since that time, I’ve traveled the world, dedicating my life to learning from the best coaches in the world to help people to lose weight, build muscle, and become the best version of themselves through fitness…

…. even when they never thought they could.

Chris’ Story And How It Can Change Your Life

Everyone deserves to be lean, fit, and healthy. And that includes Chris, a 34-year old librarian.

Chris had just gotten a new promotion and bought his first house, but with all the change since moving back into the city, he was stressed out. Even though he had moderate success maintaining a 32in waist in college through caloric restriction and over-exercising, his waist had crept back up to 36in.

As a 34 year old single guy, Chris looked and felt older than he really was. As a formerly chubby kid, he was especially self-conscious about his appearance. And now that he’d gained some weight, dating became a major struggle.

When Chris called me, he had already lost a bit of the weight by running at the gym, but he was stuck. He was relying on cardio to get the lean and muscular physique he craved but knew he had no muscle tone to show for it. Not only was he confused about how to use the strength equipment to sculpt the body he was after, but he was unfamiliar with the unspoken rules of gym culture. He struggled with confidence which made it IMPOSSIBLE to navigate a busy gym, packed with intimidating guys using equipment he needed at peak hours after work.

Outside the gym, Chris had been relying on willpower to simply eat less to lose weight – lessons that were deeply ingrained from previous weight loss attempts in his youth. These methods were unsustainable short-term approaches riddled with guilt and starvation tactics instead of the scientifically proven methods to lose fat and build muscle for good.

Chris needed an intelligently designed training program to develop his body, the guidance and support to navigate the gym, and the education to reprogram his relationship with food.

Now, Chris is stronger than ever and easily maintaining his weight.

That’s how I helped Chris and how I can help you.

I haven’t felt restricted by this program as I have by diets in the past. And truthfully, I’m eating more now than I was six months ago – I’m just eating better things and in a better ratio. My body fat is decreasing considerably and my muscle mass is growing. I’m in the best health I’ve been in possibly ever.” – Chris
How Brian Did It — And How You Can, Too

The fitness industry is confusing. It’s rife with gimmicks and misinformation. It’s different here at Nick Deacon Fitness. Our methods are based on science and backed by experience.

You’ll get a customized workout and eating plan specifically designed for you and your goals that gets you strong and maximizes fat loss without draining your energy.

But you need more than the right technical knowledge.

Following a new program can still drain your willpower. You also need to develop the key mental skills that will continue to fuel your motivation and keep you focused on your goal. Only then can you consistently execute your plan towards dramatic transformation.

And this is my special area of expertise.

You will get weekly coaching sessions, where you will learn the mental skills required to get out of your own way so you:

  • Build the belief in yourself to achieve any of your goals
  • Eliminate the destructive all-or-nothing mentality that no longer works
  • Discover an endless new source of motivation that doesn’t deplete willpower

Sound good?

Just ask Beth, Adam, and Amy.

Nick gives you the autonomy to make your own decisions during your journey. He’s a great encourager, and even with someone like myself with a completely blank slate as far as fitness, he never made me feel bad about how COMPLETELY out of shape I was lol. He stresses positive reinforcement, which makes a huge difference on how you view your progress.” Beth
“Since I began training with Nick, not only have I lost weight and gotten in shape, but the quality of my life has gone up by virtue of replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Nick certainly helped me achieve my initial goal of “losing weight and not feeling like s*** all the time.” – Adam
“To be honest, I was afraid the program might be a rehashing of stuff I already knew about healthy eating…but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Unlike other programs, it turned out to be a very tailored education in what *I* needed to do to lose fat.” – Amy
Why A Coach is Your Fastest Path to Success

Ordinary personal trainers just run you through sweaty workouts without helping you find your purpose.

Group exercise classes are cost-effective, but they don’t offer individual instruction and support. And you can’t always keep up. Sometimes the “boot camp” thing goes too far. And if you wanted to join the army, you would have done so, right?  

And to figure it all on your own? That can take months or years IF you succeed at all.

Most workout programs fail because they never get to the “why”. They are not informed by a greater sense of purpose. They are taught by trainers who don’t really care care about you. But I have good news. I’m not a trainer, I’m a coach. Your goals are my goals, and I DO care about you. I don’t yell. Ever.

You’ll be 100% confident you’re performing an exercise safely, correctly, and with maximum efficacy.

If something looks or feels off, I’m able to perform a quick muscle test to determine whether or not the exercise will be effective. Adjustments will follow. It beats the do-it-yourself guesswork of trial and error.

I’m always there for you. You may be prone to blowing off your own workouts, but would you still blow it off if I’m there waiting for you?

You’ll come for the results, but you might just stay for the jokes.

I’ll actually be there with you through every step of the process, answering all your questions.  Under the watchful eye of your biggest supporter, you’ll make progress faster than you ever thought possible.

Everything is personalized and customized.  You’ll get exactly what *you* need to succeed.

Imagine This….

Imagine springing out of bed in the morning, awake and refreshed before your alarm clock even has a chance to go off.

Imagine looking in the mirror after your shower and loving what you see.

Imagine starting your day confident in your strength and yourself, so that you can live it with purpose and intent.

Imagine finally living life on your terms, with no more limitations.

That’s what Christina did.

Isn’t it time you take back control of your life?

Bottom line: You deserve to be happy – with your body and with your life.

Stop doubting yourself. If all these people can do it, you can do it too.

Stop waiting for the perfect time. It won’t ever come. Be honest, what’s more urgent than reclaiming confidence in yourself and your body? How much longer are you willing to spend wishing you were fitter, stronger, healthier, sexier?

It’s NOT too late to create the body and life you deserve.

Apply now to begin your journey and change your life, once and for all.

We’ll hop on a call to identify your personal goals and discover whether we’re a good fit for each other.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
What are you waiting for?