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Gary Falk Skiing No Pain

My questions via text or email were always answered promptly and in great detail. As such, Nick is never slacking, so why should I? My mantra on days when I trained myself was: “What would Nick say?” And, generally, I could get a few more reps than I thought.

David Schor, teacher

My goals differed from most clients based on [my] older age, extensive prior surgery on my shoulder for a tumor that included excision of considerable musculature leading to loss of strength and range of motion, and other concurrent medical problems that limited various activities. You worked with me to … increase my core and shoulder strength and function in ways my body could tolerate.You keep a close eye on my form and my endurance and accept the wisdom of my body, while setting higher goals for me that I have faith I can attain.

Dr. Doug, MD

I have had other trainers in the past… but I have to say that Nick is not just an excellent trainer, but he also exceeds all expectations. I am addicted to my sessions with Nick and I always look forward to my next meeting with him. He is very professional and is totally focused on me when I train with him. Heteaches you to grow both your body and your mind. Having Nick as a trainer has improved my life and I am very grateful to him for taking my goals seriously and even considering them to be his own goals to get excellent results together.

Jordi Sabaté, graphic designer

He always listened to what I told him which is what made him a phenomenal trainer! He did not mess around if I told him that I was hurting, or if I told Nick that I was having difficulty … we would then go over the exercise. Our sessions together were also fun.

Angela B, NJ State Trooper candidate

From my initial meeting with Nick, he came across as knowledgable, trustworthy and passionate about helping people with exercise and nutrition.  It was obvious that he practiced what he preached.  From tips on weightlifting technique to nutrition advice, I always took something valuable away from our conversations even when they were just a few minutes long.

Damien D

I started working with Nick when I wanted to see strength gains. Although I teach group exercise weights classes, I hadn’t been lifting in the main weight room for several years and wanted an efficient approach to weightlifting. From the first day it was apparent that I was working with a professional who has incredible knowledge of his craft.

All of the lifts and movement patterns were geared toward efficient and steady strength gains in my goal areas. After 3 weeks I saw gains in all of my lifts, and continue to see gains two years later.

One thing in particular that Nick has helped me understand is that movement patterns are about so much more than the target muscles. In that way he has helped me see my physiology as an interconnected system rather than isolated components.

Over the past two years Nick has been very attentive to my goals and I have seen tremendous improvements in my strength, posture, athleticism, and diet. I recommend him to anyone interested in improving their physical health.

Matt J, lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

Ruth edit

The first thing that struck me on my first-ever meeting with Nick was his unassuming nature. I had been under the impression that when one seeks the services of a personal trainer, it is obvious why. But that was Nick’s first question for me:

What can I help you with? What are your goals?

I had worked with trainers in the past who had never bothered to ask this question. I had always thought it was implicit. And when Nick asked it, I realized that I did not have a good answer. I had to reflect on the question for some days after before I had one.

Many of the things Nick says about fitness are very subtle and take a long time to digest – and I mean that in the best way possible. Typically, people view fitness as a “push yourself as hard as possible” endeavor, and I think it is this that discourages newcomers and makes success so hard for so many. But Nick does not espouse this notion at all. His approach is all about strategy. During our sessions, Nick mentions when one should know to stop and when one should push as hard as possible and how fast (or slow) progress should be. He does not chastise struggle as a form of weakness, and knows exactly when it is necessary to rethink an exercise to meet my needs.

Above all, Nick emphasizes form. He is not satisfied with simply getting a client through an exercise; he wants to see it done with athleticism and grace, because these are indicative of the more subtle aspects of physical fitness that are so much harder to develop. It is in this arena that Nick has taught me most.

So, for me (a beginner) he developed a detailed written workout that I could refer to at the gym. I was also impressed that Nick would make it clear that if I had ANY question or concern to contact him. Once again, on his own time, he has provided prompt, detailed responses in e-mail to questions I have had about my fitness plan.

Noah R, student

I am a middle-aged man … and I feel like I now sit and stand properly, for the first time in years. I feel healthy and strong, especially my back.  My persistent lower back ache is gone, it feels like it’s another person’s!

Nick is a great observer and diagnostician who listens … and understands how and how much to push me to achieve my best, which has been much more than I thought I was capable of.  By the end of a typical workout, I am sweating heavily and winded, and I feel great.  Week after week, I am able to do a bit more than I was before.  While he is quite serious, Nick is also a lot of fun to work with.  I recommend him very highly.

Noah, faculty member, University of Pennsylvania

Despite my “fear” of the gym, I did feel like I had a guide.  Having a notebook with written down exercises was enough to keep me going and provide enough direction once I was in the gym.

Mike, US Air Force

Nick’s wealth of knowledge and personal experience with the physical and physiological aspects of the body, how it moves, what it needs, etc., is just amazing. Every session I have with him is full of new inspiration and valuable one-on-one coaching; he takes into account my strengths and guides me through my weaknesses. Nick is patient, funny, creative, personable, reliable, and dedicated to his clients. He takes his role as a coach very seriously and is well-regarded by the other trainers at my gym. He offers modern-day ways of keeping me on track (via Facebook, email, even text messages). I’ve met a lot of personal trainers in my days and Nick is certainly someone who helps people get results.

Andrea Y, teacher

All these years, and I’d never felt my chest before the other day.

Evan Rurak, amateur drug-free bodybuilder

I feel like I’m as far as I’ve ever been.

Thomas F, student

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