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…Adults Look Down and Behind? Isn’t it amazing how rapidly children grow? I don’t mean just physically, but developmentally. In only ten short years, they go from having no clue how to tie their shoes to building the robots that might do it for them (did your high school have a sick robotics team like mine?). They (hopefully) learn to stop being selfish toddlers and transform into gracious gift-giving volunteers. They go from clumsily tripping over themselves in a fit of tears to standing in the face of adversity to win championships in complex sports. They may learn how to cook, speak for themselves, travel independently, and work a grinder of a job to become a functioning part of society. And in just ten years, they do all of this simultaneously. What have I done in the last ten years? I’m sure there are a few things you’re proud of, but are they countless? Have you forgotten most of them because they’re as abundant as the lessons from ten years of childhood? The neighbor’s high school kids might have you beat… What differences exist between adults and children, and could we learn from them to apply strategies to improve our own lives? First Difference: Authority Figures Children are surrounded by potential coaches and mentors. Parents, teachers, friends, friends’ parents and siblings, their own older siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, sport/dance/music coaches, tutors, etc. Basically anyone older than them. The list is extensive! Children seem to always be accountable to someone else, someone higher than them. They always have a guiding light. How many adults maintain such relationships deep into their adult life? A special role in adult life is that of an employer, or more specifically, a boss. Unfortunately, I hear more about people hating their bosses than loving them and looking up to them. No longer wearing the student hat, many of the other potential mentor roles in children’s lives simply...