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LAST TIME:   We discussed how our evolution sometimes gets in our way as described in the primer to >>The Polyvagal Theory<<. If you missed Part I, make sure to read it  >>here<<. We discussed a bunch of things I learned from Dr. Seth Oberst, like how emotions can get stuck in your tissues, how that can affect your posture, walking patterns, and even your face.  Now, we’re about to dig deeper into stress, support, and what we can do to better live our lives and avoid getting “stuck."   7. Stress-Reduction is a MISTAKE   I go to countless conferences and seminars for fitness, yoga, nutrition, meditation, rehab, physical therapy, medicine, and totally weird stuff that escapes category. Even across disciplines, they can all agree on one thing: The biggest factor common to untold chronic diseases, disorders, and a general lack of well-being is STRESS. If that's the case, the solution looks simple enough - REDUCE STRESS. Duh. But what does that even mean? ENGAGE IN STRESS-REDUCING ACTIVITIES Like meditation, light exercise, journaling, practicing gratitude, time with friends and family, prayer, restful sleep, etc. AVOID STRESS-INDUCING BEHAVIORS Like smoking, drinking, sleep deprivation, confrontations, maintaining toxic relationships, being late and sitting in traffic or a crowded subway ...