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It’s been a long day, but you can finally kick back and put your feet up. The voice in your head tempts you to find a treat from the freezer or wine cabinet. Go ahead, you deserve it. Waiting to see the results of your hard work is excruciating. And in those moments of temptation, it can be easy to lose focus on the bigger goals ahead. Unfortunately we live in a society where is a reward and the focus of every special occasion. (Especially the super yummy kind that makes us overeat and ruins our health.) Happy birthday! Here’s a cake. Just married. Have some cake. A promotion! How would you like your steak? The truth is changing your body takes time, but a better reward system can help keep your fitness journey on track.   SHOULD You Reward Yourself?   Before we go any further, are rewards even a good idea? Some people don’t need rewards to keep going… Jessica Love - I don't reward myself. If I want something I buy it. The journey and experience or feeling of accomplishment is the "reward" for me. Ev A - I tell myself I am not a dog - I do not deserve a treat for being a good girl Shelly Gauvreau - The fact that I feel better is reward. Carolyn Slocum - “I love that I am 52 and can rock some booty shorts so that’s truly all the reward I need!” That’s cool for them, but what about Katie? Rewards help her stay disciplined. Katie Turner - … Maybe some people can get through on nothing but the idea of looking and feeling better, but listen, there are some days that knowing a mini vacation is on the line keeps me more disciplined than just thinking I might one day look good in a bikini. (And I don't think this means I need to reassess why I'm doing this...